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Just the JPEG: Naughty Theme Digital Personalized Magazine-Style Dog Portrait - DOGUE By Gina

Digital Funny Personalized Magazine Style Dog Portrait "Naughty"

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Love what you see but not sure you want the frame?

With the Naughty Theme Digital Personalized Magazine Style Dog Portrait, you can get the art done for you and sent to you via email as a JPEG image (a photo you can save on your phone/ tablet/ computer)!

This way you can still help your fur baby reach their DOGUE modeling potential, have a laugh, and know that you're supporting both a small business and even better: animal welfare.

Share on social media (tag @doguebygina), save as a screensaver, or send to mom- the sky is the limit!

You'll receive your Digital Personalized Magazine- Style Dog Portrait via email in just 1-3 days. 

This theme:

The Naughty Theme Digital Personalized Magazine Style Dog Portrait:

Does your fur baby just do what they want with whomever they want?! Are they still a puppy?

Then I think you've found the right theme. 

*Careful: Side effects may include a self-fulfilling prophecy!

These are templates. Photos are to be replaced with the photo of your dog.

Text color and text placement are subject to change.