How to Order

Step One: Pick a theme, size & frame color

Select whichever theme best represents your cutie's personality and style.

We will continuously add to these options so don't forget to subscribe to our email list to find out when the next one is released!
DOGUE By Gina How to Customize Your Order- Photo

Step Two: Tell us the name and gender of your fur baby
Your cutie's name will be incorporated based on the way it is in the theme you selected.


Step Three: Tell us the birth month of your fur baby
The birth month will be displayed as the faux magazine's month of issue in the upper right-hand corner underneath the "DOGUE" (dogs) or "VANITY FUR" (cats) title.

If you don't know the fur baby's birth month, leave it blank and it will default to the month in which you make your DOGUE By Gina purchase.


Step Four: Upload a photo of your fur baby
The most important piece!
 Be sure to take a stellar photo of your fur model!

For resolution guidelines and and other tips, CLICK HERE.


(Strongly recommended as we are NOT able to verify

photo quality for you.)


 Step Five: ADD TO CART

       THAT’S IT!