The DOGUE By Gina Mission

Our mission is to make being OBSESSED with your furry family members as normal as a Tuesday. Let’s change the way people see and treat “pets” by highlighting them just like we do for our human children in our living rooms, offices and other sacred spaces, showing them off to the world like a proud parent should.

At DOGUE By Gina, a Profit With Purpose* business, we seek to highlight and appreciate the doggies and kitties that make our lives better. Their pure hearts and unwavering loyalty are not things we take lightly at DOGUE By Gina. To us, our four-legged fur babies are members of the family
( our favorite ones, by the way! ) 

Let’s spread the DOGUE By Gina word like a white-hot rumor and have this crazy dog parent stuff catch on and stay for good! 

The Deeper Mission

At DOGUE By Gina, we don’t discriminate based on anything other than intentions of the heart. As such, we are aim to be powerful advocates for our voiceless community members, fighting for their basic rights to life -and even more than that, a high-quality life, to freedom, and to not be used by humans. 
Together we can end animal cruelty and homelessness.
With approximately 1.5 million shelter animals being euthanized each year, (albeit far less than the 13.5 million estimated in the 1970’s) it is clear that the animal rights and no-kill movements have a ways to go. (Isn't it crazy that "no kill" is a causally accepted term?! What?!) THE GOOD NEWS?
We’re on the right track and we’re picking up steam!

We can better tackle the injustice being done to homeless animals with more standardized record-keeping and research used to monitor animal shelter admissions and euthanasia. Fortunately, there are many warm hearts out there working tirelessly to make a difference. While there’s leaps and bounds yet to go in spreading awareness and gathering support, perhaps the most significant barrier at this point is the lack of resources to implement many of these life-saving and quality- of-life-improving initiatives...

That’s why DOGUE By Gina is committed to supporting organizations whose sole mission is to further the rights and fair treatment of animals; because after all, humans and animals are fundamentally the same.
(We just like the furry ones more! The animals, that is.)
Ultimately, we will establish DOGUE By Gina outdoor animal oases, both domestically and internationally, aiming to supersede as many shelters as possible (and thereby end unnecessary euthanasia).

We believe all animals, including those with behavioral issues, should be able to live our their days in happy spirits, without wanting for
resources or affection.

These sanctuaries will not be limited to dogs alone, but
all animals that need a home.

Isn't that the most gorgeous day dream one can conjure?
Supporting us is supporting that dream.   

For more information and ways to get involved or donate to the cause, we encourage you to visit The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®).
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting our mission by supporting us in celebrating and illuminating the love we have for our DOGUEs by getting your very own DOGUE By Gina, customized piece of artwork to be hung proudly for friends and family to see in your home or office.

*A "Profit With Purpose" business is led by a mission to achieve social, community and environmental benefits through trading and by channeling a portion of their profits toward their mission. Our mission is to end animal cruelty and homelessness.