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Photo Guide

Follow these guidelines to make your PUP really POP!

Our tip: Set aside 15 minutes for a little photo shoot, which makes for a really fun bonding experience with your fur baby!

                             Photo example of a poor quality photo.         Photo example of a high quality photo for DOGUE By Gina.

Use a smartphone or high quality camera

iPhone users: Portrait Mode!

Avoid overly filtered photos

Choose a photo that is taken in daylight, preferably outside, or in a brightly lit room with very little in the background.

Especially avoid backgrounds that have multiple objects of varying colors and textures.

Grass or sand is best, or a floor with one solid color and little detail.

Did we mention Portrait Mode?!

Try to get your fur child to look straight at the camera, ideally at eye level, or another pose that indicates your cutie's feelings at the moment.

(i.e. NOT an expressionless look elsewhere.)

Think WWAMD What would a model do?

*Tip: Try using food as a bribe.

See below for photo resolution tips:

(If you used an updated smartphone in the last 2 years, that will likely suffice but double-check here, as we are NOT able to verify for you.)

SMALL 8.5 x 10.5 in. 1600 x 1200

~ 2 MP

LARGE 15 x 18.75 in. 2000 x 1600

~ 3 MP

Figuring out out the size of your photograph in pixels:

Mac users

Find the image file in your Finder, right click the image and select Get Info.

A pop-up window will open with the dimensions of your image displaying in the More Info section. The dimensions show the pixel height and width of your photo.

PC users

On a PC, right click on the image file, look at Properties, and then view the Summary tab.

For questions, first check out our FAQ. If your question was not answered, please reach out to us at info@doguebygina.com